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Kim Kiyosaki: Invest like a Pro

Kim Kiyosaki: Invest like a Pro

Meet Rich Woman – the Lady, the World of Finance admires

„Nobody will look after your money better than you.“

From her townhome in the USA, Kim Kiyosaki meets up with me at her desk for our virtual interview. It’s Mid October, and we chat about her life and she shares her secret to success with me and the audience. Even over Zoom – it’s like entering into a warm hug. Kim’s face brightens when asked to tell her story: “When we were just starting the Rich Dad Company, I had Post-its all over my House, that we gonna be on Oprah. That was my goal. And we still don’t know to this day exactly what tipped it to have them call and have Robert on the Show. ” she says. “If there is ever a fast track and there really is an Oprah Effect – it skyrocketed us globally at that point.” Listen to her story firsthand and find out how she started a global revolution writing a finance book – for women only.


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As entrepreneur or Rich Woman’s bestselling author: Kim Kiyosaki is the power lady, who changed the world of female finance.

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Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Bestselling author and entrepreneur Kim Kiyosaki is one of the world’s leading experts in the world of finance.

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